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We provide a 24 hour Automotive Repair and Replacement Service.

We provide a local and national coverage. We have one of the largest stock of glass.


We supply / supply & fit any glass on any vehicle to a standard equivalent to, or better than Original Equipment Specification.


We manage a large team of experienced and highly trained technicians to ensure the highest quality workmanship.

Body Glass Replacement

We can locate (if not in stock) body glass within minutes of your initial phone call.


All our glass is of original Specification, and is fitted by trained professionals.

Direct billing to Insurance Companies

If you are insured for glass cover, we can help you. With each claim we will pay you up to £60. We are approved by over 37 major insurance companies.


We will take care of all the paperwork and handle the claim from start to finish.


If you are not covered or only partly covered under your Insurance our expert advisers will immediately provide a quote to put a smile on your face.


The after-market automotive replacement industry is saturated with suppliers who will tell their customers that the products they sell are the best available. Some companies accept this without further enquiries or contact with their suppliers. At My Car Glass we have regular contact within our supply chain to ensure that the stock we buy is of an acceptable standard.


We source 95% of our glass from Original Equipment Manufacturers to ensure that technological developments are continuously monitored and implemented. All our suppliers are ISO registered companies, recognised as the best way to ensure a quality product.

Adhesive Systems

We have recently invested in a new adhesive product developed by the worlds leading manufacturer of Automotive Polyurethane Adhesive. After seeing the product in action, we were impressed by what it had to offer in terms of specification and safety.


We are happy to say that after the relevant training and initial trial period the Adhesive System has proved a winner. The product is used by Motor Manufacturers world-wide and is guaranteed to meet all OEM specifications.

Specialist Services

We offer many specialist services to all our clients, from training and technical data to rare or imported vehicle glass procurement.


We can also arrange shipment to overseas customers looking for UK manufactured glass.


We also have experience with older vehicles and vintage models, many of which require specialist knowledge.


Our main area of specialisation is in the removal and re-fitting of automotive glazing units for Bodyshops and Coachbuilders. This involves removing undamaged glass from an accident damaged vehicle and re-fitting it after the repair is completed.


This saves insurers thousands of pounds each year in replacement costs, and providing it is done correctly, is perfectly safe and environmentally friendly. However, some windscreen companies will, often for profits sake, tell a customer that removal is impossible, whereas we often find this is not the case. Using a little know-how and patience often gets good results. Better for you, the insurer and our reputation.

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